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Deep/Young Ethereal Radio

Fresh mixes as caprice dictates and bandwidth allows.*

9/21/13: Alright:

Losing Touch With My Mind - Spacemen 3
Negative Spaceman - Landing
Dead Bait - Throbbing Gristle
Hollywood - Cluster
Holocaust - This Mortal Coil
Holocaust - Big Star
The Pyre Of Angus Was In Kathmandu - Tony Conrad w/ Faust
Shadowplay - Joy division
Primary - The Cure
Monochrome - Velour 100
Hold Me Under - Landing
Love Will Tear Us Apart - Swans
Recalling All Active Agents - Brion Gysin
Standing Stone - Flying Saucer Attack
Black Rice - Women
The Gravity Free Atmosphere Of Msa - Lilys
Strawberryfire - The Apples In Stereo
Octopus - Syd Barrett
Sister Ray - Joy Division
Not Turning Off - Spoon

wreckers of civilisation

*If you're on a mac and iTunes will only play the first song, drag the downloaded playlist file ("_.m3u") into any (non-smart) playlist.